Our Vision


Our vision is to connect you to Jesus, develop you as a follower of Christ and empower you to build the church.

We value



Living things grow. Our church is alive. We want to grow numerically because we believe everyone needs to know Jesus. We also want every individual to grow internally and embrace all God has for them.


Every person needs to know they are accepted, valued and that they belong. At C3 Church Watson we want you to feel a part of our community and to find your place in our church.


We are committed to giving God our best at all times and being excellent in all that we do.


When a person meets Jesus Christ, He sets them on a journey to true freedom. As we embrace the freedom that only He brings we begin to walk out the destiny He has for our life.


Religion is black and white; God is colourful. Jesus came to give us life! It’s okay to have fun in church – to laugh in church. We love to experience the joy that is found in God’s presence.