We love kids and we love our Kids’ Church!

We want children to learn how much God loves them, how much He wants them to grow into strong people who make wise choices, and how He wants them to treat other people. Our Kids’ Church includes larger group singing and story-time as well as smaller group time talking and doing enjoyable and inspirational activities together. Every child has the potential to connect with God in their spirit and we see our role as a special privilege and joy - in partnership with parents - to nurture this connection in every child.

Our Cultural Values are

Kids 1.png


Children grow in wisdom, faith, hope and love.


All kids feel noticed and valued.


We aim for high quality environments and activities; and a highly trained and committed volunteer team. 


An emphasis on the grace of God, not rules and religion. We do, of course, teach all children to show polite respect for others.


Laughs and generosity are a big part of our culture.


When is Kids' Church?

Kids’ Church starts at the same time as our main services on Sunday mornings. Before the main service starts, you’re asked to please sign children in at Kids’ Church check in table, located at the entrance to The Square. The program then runs until 15 minutes after the main service finishes. This gives parents and carers the option of catching up with others over a coffee in the foyer without any distractions. You can, of course, collect your child whenever you wish, but please keep an eye on the Kids’ Church doors to know when it is officially finished.


Who looks after my child?

Our excellent team comprises of church members just like you. We ask all caring parents to take a share of the important task of running Kids’ Church by signing on as a volunteer for approximately one Sunday per month. You’ll need a ‘Working With Vulnerable People Card’ (please apply online) and to attend our training sessions.

Age Groups

0 TO 12-18MTH

We invite families with young babies to join us in the auditorium during the service. Our Parents’ Room, on the right side of the auditorium, is equipped for when you’d prefer some privacy to feed your baby, change their nappy or if they are too noisy or squirmy to stay in the service. 

Once they are happy and settled, you can head back to your seat in the auditorium again. We ask that you respect others’ desire to listen to the service by keeping talking to a minimum while making use of this room.

For the same reason, we ask that older children are not brought into the Parents’ Room so as to keep noise and activity to a minimum. Some 12 month olds are ready to transition to Kids’ Church; others may need to wait until they are up to 18 months old. As a general guide: children should be happy to go, not need to nap, and be able to walk when they start at Kids’ Church.


AGE 18MonTHs TO preschool

YeaRS K TO 2

YeaRS 3 TO 6

We use a proven curriculum to teach young children valuable and practical lessons about God’s love for them. We teach about how to treat others and we teach primary age children to make wise choices.

Kids' Church

Signing In

On your first visit you will need to complete a one-off registration form about your child. Each Sunday, you'll drop your children off in The Square before heading into the auditorium. Sign them in at the check in table, and you are welcome to stay for a short while until they are settled before heading in to the main service. 

We provide Kids’ Church so that you can be free to focus on what God wants to say to you in our services!

If you are required during the service, you will be contacted by the team – this will usually be via your name or unique registration number coming up on the screens in the auditorium. Parents are contacted for various reasons, eg if their child is upset, ill, hungry, needs a nappy change etc.

Signing Out

You can go to the Kids’ Church and sign your child out at any time, but we ask that you do so by 15 minutes after the service at the latest. For your child’s safety, they will not be released from the classroom until they are 'signed out'.

After Kids’ Church, please continue to monitor your child's behaviour by not allowing them to climb on furniture or run in the auditorium or foyer, etc.


For us there is no greater joy than to see you coming as a family every week to discover, connect with, and encounter Christ and all He has for you and your children.

We look forward to seeing you at church!